Wednesday, March 14, 2012

APPLAUDD is now Evidence-Based :) per SAMHSA!

Congratulations to Marilyn G. Belmonte! The Results Are In! Thank you, Georgetown, for participating!

SAMHSA's Service To Science" study to measure the effectiveness of APPLAUDD, Drug Abuse Recognition & Prevention's 4-part parent workshop, is complete. The results are overwhelming positive!

Drug Abuse Recognition & Prevention programs have proven that they make measurable positive changes in parenting skills surrounding substance abuse prevention!

APPLAUDD was measured during 2011 in 7 communities and found to INCREASE PARENT CONFIDENCE in:
Talking to their teens about the risks of drugs and alcohol
Answering specific questions about drugs and alcohol
Setting and enforcing rules relating to drug and alcohol use
Recognizing signs of drug use
Talking to their teens if they are using drugs
Locating resources for their teens if they are using drugs
In every category listed above, parental confidence increased after attending APPLAUDD. And in every category, the Follow-Up Survey taken 6 weeks after the program ended showed that parental confidence actually increased more! So once parents began to actually use the strategies they learned in APPLAUDD, they were even more confident!

For example....

How Confident Are You Talking to Your Children About Drugs and Alcohol?

APPLAUDD also doubled the percentage of parents who have weekly discussions with their children about drugs and alcohol!

A full report will be available this spring. In the meantime, please include Drug Abuse Recognition & Prevention in your springtime wellness education efforts.

Marilyn G. Belmonte
Drug Abuse Recognition & Prevention
Burlington Drug & Alcohol Task Force, co-chair
781-572-1478 (cell)
"If ignorance is bliss, education is power."